06 June 2004

Have They NO Decency, at long, last...?

They're going on and on about the study funded by Pew that supposedly vindicates their false allegations that the medias is biased in favor of liberals. As usual, they prefer the information be spoonfed to them from their contingent of unethical, loud-mouthed leaders rather than read the study themselves. And, as usual, they're being lied to, albeit through sly implication and reliance on the predictable inferences of neo-con viewers, and they're loving it:
"A new Pew Research Study shows...the networks, as well as most major urban newspapers, rarely treat the president fairly."

Bill O'Reilly, 5/24/04


"Solid majorities of national print and TV journalists, as well as Internet journalists, say the media has not been critical enough in its coverage of the administration."

.::Pew Study::. entitled "Press Going Too Easy on Bush", 5/23/04

Further proof of what shallow thinking people they are is the research done by .::Fair::. that shows even NPR (National Public Radio) has more rethuglican guests on its show than Democrats.

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