06 June 2004

Oh' Sure, Invading Iraq Didn't Foster More Terrorism
.::WARSAW, Poland (AP)::. - Four civilians working for a U.S. company in Iraq were killed in an ambush in Baghdad, the Polish Foreign Ministry said Sunday.

... two Americans and two Poles working for .::Blackwater Security Consulting::. were killed Saturday afternoon when a convoy they were traveling was ambushed, said Boguslaw Majewski, the spokesman for Poland's Foreign Ministry.

The neo-cons and their discombobulated followers trip over their own feet as they try to run from acknowledging that instances like these were not happening with such frequency prior to our illegal invasion. For some reason they think of more death as a positive.

They verbalize their pretzel-logic and proclaim that the "terrorists" are being engaged on foreign soil and not our own. What they can't understand is that "terrorists" do not feel obligated to retaliate with the relative immediacy displayed in Iraq because they know that they cannot go toe-to-toe with a well-armed, organized military force. What we're seeing in Iraq is resistance by Iraqis to an occupying army.

Terrorists have no one base of operations, that is why they can and do strike anywhere at any time. They're not all going to run to Iraq and lose badly. They're going to bide their time and carefully pick and choose their targets. That's why a "war on terrorism" cannot be won purely with retaliatory violence. International cooperation is a critical element, but the unthinking war hawks don't understand anything except violence.

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