30 April 2004

Public Interest Decided by Sinclair Broadcasting "John"

So, David D. Sinclair, moral authority that he is, .::announced::. that Nightline's Ted Koppel is politically motivated because his show .::this evening::. will consist of reading all the names of US soldiers killed in Iraq —I believe it's strictly those deemed "killed in combat", not suicide, friendly fire, illness, or accident. As a result, it is not in the "public interest" to air this particular show, and his company will not allow it to be broadcast on its networks.

How would he know what is in the public interest when he didn't ask the public, nor did he know (or didn't care) that having oral sex .::with a prostitute::. is illegal?
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pennsylvania)

August 17, 1996, Saturday, SOONER EDITION

David D. Smith, president and chief executive officer of Sinclair Broadcast Group, was arrested this week in his hometown of Baltimore and charged with a misdemeanor sex offense. Sinclair owns WPGH, the Fox affiliate in Pittsburgh, and programs most of WPTT.

The Baltimore Sun reported that Smith, 45, was arrested Tuesday night in an undercover sting at a downtown corner frequented by prostitutes.

On Thursday night, Sinclair issued a statement that Smith's arrest was unrelated to company business and ''The company will continue to operate under the direction of its current management.''

Broadcasting official charged in sex stakeout
Sinclair president, woman arrested in company car

Published on: August 15, 1996
Edition: FINAL
Section: NEWS
Page: 2B
Byline: SUN STAFFPeter Hermann


The president of Baltimore-based Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., which owns the local Fox television affiliate, was arrested Tuesday night and charged with committing a perverted sex act in a company-owned Mercedes, city police said. ...
That is typical of what you find when the rocks of rabid right wingers' lives are turned over... the slime produced by vice & hypocrisy.

27 April 2004

Here we Go 'round-n-round Again

Bremer has made noises about restoring former Baathist leaders to power. It isn't that shocking, considering the charge that .::bribes were made::. to Iraqi tribal leaders in an attempt to buy their allegiance, yet the average Iraqi was subject to .::extortion::. at the hands of Baathists after the invasion.

Karzai the Feckless, our pick to head Afghanistan, long ago expressed his .::receptiveness::. to allowing Taliban members back into the government. Things have not been going well in Afghanistan for .::quite some time::. , much to the chagrin of white-hooded neos (liberal & conservative) who manage to sneak a peek out of those eyeholes every now and again.

It isn't as though a single man actually ruled those countries! Without the participation of those others we are bribing into compliance with offers of restored power, there could not have been a dictatorial regime in Iraq, nor a fundamentalist theocracy in Afghanistan.

Baathists as authority figures in Iraq, and the Taliban welcomed into the government of Afghanistan. What was the sense of going to war when we only put members of the ruling group back into positions of authority — members of the same group that benefited from the oppression and exploitation of the rest of their people?!!

We should have left well enough alone, militarily that is. We could have done so much more with diplomacy and international cooperation and planning.

But, then again, we're talking about Gee Duhhhhh-bya, he can barely put two coherent sentences together.
Sometimes You Have to Stand Up for What's Right

There are very few politicos on the right who will say enough is enough on some issues. .::John McCain::. is one of them —
McCain recalled that he had worked with .::Kerry::. on "POW/MIA issues and the normalization of relations with Vietnam" and wanted to stand up for his war comrade because "you have to do what's right." Speaking of Kerry, McCain said: "He's my friend. He'll continue to be my friend. I know his service was honorable. If that hurts me politically or with my party, that's a very small price to pay."

The GOP is shameless and its blind followers deserve every dispicable ill they have ever wished upon other people. This is the THIRD war veteran they've targeted for denigration during a campaign for public office. Nonetheless, you will continue to hear (or read) mealy-mouthed sychophants within the GOP claim to hold the military and its veterans in high esteem. They LIE!!

26 April 2004

On Friday in Florida

Using his special brand of dishonesty, Dubya .::said::. "America will never be run out of Iraq by a bunch of thugs and killers..."

This man is insane. How could any rational adult buy into his bullshit? The Sunnis & Shias are united against the US-led occupation. Is he calling all Sunnis & Shias "thugs and killers?" Are the vocabularies of his various handlers so limited they can't provide him with different pejoratives than "thug" and "killer".

The murders of individual Sunnis & Shias is being denied by all sides, which indicates that some unidentified group is trying to create the basis for a civil war and further destablize the country. So far, it hasn't worked, it has only hardened their resolve to oust the occupiers.

But the ol' idiot-n-thief is determined to send other people's children to die because he speaks to GOD and GOD .::speaks back::. That alcholic cokehead is hallucinating!

Here in the Sunshine State we have a way to deal with people who are mentally unstable and pose a threat to others, it's called the .::Baker Act::. The man needs to be immediately Baker-acted and sent to an institution where he won't cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people with his megalomaniacal plans.

25 April 2004

I've Always Wondered...

Is former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr Black? He looks Black, even though his skin is light bright, looking damn near white (*that phrase is meant to be sung to the tune of the .::Light Brite::. toy jingle) his features are strong and broad, as though he is of African descent. It would be a real shame if he is, but it would also be too damn funny! The way he embraces the conservative ideology with a deathgrip is typical of many people of African descent who have a fatal case of self-loathing.

In doing a cursory search, I found that I'm not the only one who wondered about Mr. Barr's lineage. I found this .::short exchange::. and this informative piece .::here::.

I also found this comment that made me crack up: "Unfortunately, some such as .::Georgia Congressman Bob Barr::. are still perpetrating this lie even to this very day, as everyone in the Black community knows that he is a light skinned Black man masquerading as an ultra conservative, Republican white man!"

Damn Bob... come on back home boy! You know we're the forgiving kind! *lmao*

Ancient Teachings

The teachings of Jesus, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, etc., all have two things in common:
  1. Using different terms and concepts with the same meaning, they point out the dysfunction in the human condition and,
  2. they illustrate how to live in a higher state of consciousness.
Too many didn't quite understand the message though, so the truth was distorted as "superstructures of religious beliefs" were built throughout history.

Those beliefs became the sole source of some people's identities, and it is those people who are the biggest source of the insanity in the world today. It is just as maddening as it is sad to hear, or read, people lay claim to one religion that holds life sacred while bashing another that holds life sacred. They then turn around and recommend condone, encourage, or cheerlead the death of all who don't believe as they do.

Has the whole world gone mad?
But I Still Don't Write As Well As I Should...

Grammar God!
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preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

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