01 April 2006

.::Feeling Whimsical Today::.

.::What type of Fae are you?::.

26 March 2006

.::A Retort to Remember::.

William M. Arkin, a journalist with the Washington Post, gave a speech in Denmark earlier this month, in which he criticized the lethal decisions of a notorious American citizen in a high level government position. A Marine Corps Brigadier General took exception to the criticism because it was done in a foreign country, and proceeded to ask one of those loaded questions that unthinking, rabid wingers are famous for. The exchange went like this:

General: 'Mr. Arkin, do you consider yourself a journalist or an American.'

I took a drink of water as my blood boiled.

Me: 'Well General, because I am an American, I cherish the fact that I can call you a f***ing idiot for asking the question.'

There's more to the story on Mr. Arkin's blog, which you can find here.