14 April 2004

France & US Work Together Again

.::United Nations, April 13 (IPS)::. The United States and France have intimidated Caribbean countries into delaying an official request for a probe into the murky circumstances under which Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was ousted from power in February, according to diplomatic sources here.

The two veto-wielding permanent members of the 15-nation Security Council have signalled to Caribbean nations that they do not want a U.N. probe of Aristide's ouster.

13 April 2004

— Dubya's Alleged "News Conference" —

"Free societies are hopeful societies..."

I'm sure that's what his cronies were thinking when they hand-picked the new leaders of Iraq — people will feel free when an occupying nation chooses the right leaders for you. I'm even more sure that's what his people were thinking when they shut down Muqtada al-Sadr's newspaper.

"I feel it in my soul..."

That bastard is SOULLESS!
"We've had some success with the decision I took..."

Then he goes on to cite the nation of Libya and how finding mustard gas on a turkey farm made the world safer. Oh' yeah, we're much safer from al Queada because Quaddafi gave up the ghost. Fallujah would have been 20 times worse had we not found that mustard gas in Libya, eh'?!!

"Nobody likes to see dead people on their television screens... it's gut wrenching..."

So, if we don't see the dead bodies being unloaded from the planes, we won't know that our soldiers are dying because of a lie about weapons of mass destruction and we'll all feel so much better about a unilateral invasion of a sovereign nation.

"I wish you'd given me that written question ahead of time so I could prepare for it."

That lying sack of skin. He got those questions ahead of time; probably days ago.

I'm open for suggestions. I look forward to seeing what the 9/11 Commission comes up with...

Of course he does, he hand-picked the people on the commission. Whatever they come up with will downplay his role in the disaster we call the 'war on terrah'.
"Let Me Step Back & Review My Thinking..."

...so said the tongue-tied buffoon occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That man hasn't had a thought in his head since he gave up cocaine & alcohol in his early 40's.

This entire "press conference" is yet another scripted charade by the misadministration that's ruining this country!!
Did I Hear the Word D-R-A-F-T?

Dubya said:

"If additional forces are needed, I will send them."

We already know our Armed Forces are stretched too thin, that people are not re-enlisting, and that enlistment numbers are flatlining. How will we continue to occupy Iraq in the coming years without injecting fresh blood into the military without conscription?
First Misspoken Word of Dubya's Press Conference Speech:

Insticated ... he later pronounced it properly, but damn, he was only a half a sentence into his schtick and he flubbed it already.

12 April 2004

Nightmarish Images

A short clip of GeeDubya flashed across my television screen this evening. He was at a press conference stammering and stuttering about being "comforted" because the FBI was "doing its job." He was spinning feverishly and the effort showed in his face; it was strangely flush, he had an obvious look of desperation in his eyes, and he allowed his mouth to hang open as if in a stupor.

He's feeling the pinch, and no one deserves the pain more than he does!
A Jordanian Newpaper Writes About Condoleeza (tha' Skeeza)
As for you, .::black Condoleeza Rice::., swallow your tongue, remember your origins and stop talking about liberation and freedom. Have you not been taught by your cowboy masters that 'slaves' cannot liberate themselves, that they are not capable to capture the large Islamic world whose cultural roots are planted in the depths of history. The slaves who are happy with their enslavement, O Condoleeza, will continue to be enslaved. They will never be free and will never free others.

11 April 2004

Ohio & Black Box Voting

Ohio voters planning to use the revolutionary touch-screen technology can likely forget it - at least for this year. A legislative committee says voters who use electronic machines should be able to confirm their choices with a paper receipt. Because the current voting boxes do not offer that option, the board has ordered Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell to cancel $128 million worth of Ohio voting machine contracts.

Congrats to all the Ohioians who understand that democracy ceases to exist when we stop participating in it!
CARICOM Stakes Out the Middle Ground on Haiti

The .::Trinidad and Tobago Express::. reported about the CARICOM summit in St. Kitts.

Instead of knuckling under to the immoral demands of the US, and the meaningless .::pronouncements::. of the US-installed Prime Minister, Gerard Latortue —he suspensed Haiti's membership in the organization on March 15th because of Jamaica's decision to offer Aristide temporary refuge —CARICOM decided not to recognize Haiti's new government of criminals, but definitely not to ignore the needs of the Haitian people.

Latortue has .::openly embraced::. the former FRAPH members (Guy Philippe, et al) comprising the armed opposition. "Aristide associates and politicians from his Lavalas Family party are being illegally held captive by armed rebels, Human Rights Watch said... Others are in hiding or have been killed." What more is needed for principled citizens and organizations of the world to openly denounce Latortue and his supposed authority over the Haitian people?

It would behoove CARICOM to remember that riding the fence will give one splinters, and deals with the devil always result in the dealee being badly burned.
A New Generation of Recruits
...Mr. Muaimy .::said::. American soldiers had humiliated him in front of his children.

"They searched my house," he said. "They kicked my Koran. They speak to me so poorly in front of my children. It's not that I encourage my son to hate Americans. It's not that I make him want to join the resistance. Americans do that for me."
What intellectual, psychological or social dysfunction blinds the Bush cabal and their vengeful supporters to the obvious results of their "war on terror?"