11 April 2004

CARICOM Stakes Out the Middle Ground on Haiti

The .::Trinidad and Tobago Express::. reported about the CARICOM summit in St. Kitts.

Instead of knuckling under to the immoral demands of the US, and the meaningless .::pronouncements::. of the US-installed Prime Minister, Gerard Latortue —he suspensed Haiti's membership in the organization on March 15th because of Jamaica's decision to offer Aristide temporary refuge —CARICOM decided not to recognize Haiti's new government of criminals, but definitely not to ignore the needs of the Haitian people.

Latortue has .::openly embraced::. the former FRAPH members (Guy Philippe, et al) comprising the armed opposition. "Aristide associates and politicians from his Lavalas Family party are being illegally held captive by armed rebels, Human Rights Watch said... Others are in hiding or have been killed." What more is needed for principled citizens and organizations of the world to openly denounce Latortue and his supposed authority over the Haitian people?

It would behoove CARICOM to remember that riding the fence will give one splinters, and deals with the devil always result in the dealee being badly burned.

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