13 April 2004

"We've had some success with the decision I took..."

Then he goes on to cite the nation of Libya and how finding mustard gas on a turkey farm made the world safer. Oh' yeah, we're much safer from al Queada because Quaddafi gave up the ghost. Fallujah would have been 20 times worse had we not found that mustard gas in Libya, eh'?!!

"Nobody likes to see dead people on their television screens... it's gut wrenching..."

So, if we don't see the dead bodies being unloaded from the planes, we won't know that our soldiers are dying because of a lie about weapons of mass destruction and we'll all feel so much better about a unilateral invasion of a sovereign nation.

"I wish you'd given me that written question ahead of time so I could prepare for it."

That lying sack of skin. He got those questions ahead of time; probably days ago.

I'm open for suggestions. I look forward to seeing what the 9/11 Commission comes up with...

Of course he does, he hand-picked the people on the commission. Whatever they come up with will downplay his role in the disaster we call the 'war on terrah'.

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