25 April 2004

I've Always Wondered...

Is former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr Black? He looks Black, even though his skin is light bright, looking damn near white (*that phrase is meant to be sung to the tune of the .::Light Brite::. toy jingle) his features are strong and broad, as though he is of African descent. It would be a real shame if he is, but it would also be too damn funny! The way he embraces the conservative ideology with a deathgrip is typical of many people of African descent who have a fatal case of self-loathing.

In doing a cursory search, I found that I'm not the only one who wondered about Mr. Barr's lineage. I found this .::short exchange::. and this informative piece .::here::.

I also found this comment that made me crack up: "Unfortunately, some such as .::Georgia Congressman Bob Barr::. are still perpetrating this lie even to this very day, as everyone in the Black community knows that he is a light skinned Black man masquerading as an ultra conservative, Republican white man!"

Damn Bob... come on back home boy! You know we're the forgiving kind! *lmao*

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