26 April 2004

On Friday in Florida

Using his special brand of dishonesty, Dubya .::said::. "America will never be run out of Iraq by a bunch of thugs and killers..."

This man is insane. How could any rational adult buy into his bullshit? The Sunnis & Shias are united against the US-led occupation. Is he calling all Sunnis & Shias "thugs and killers?" Are the vocabularies of his various handlers so limited they can't provide him with different pejoratives than "thug" and "killer".

The murders of individual Sunnis & Shias is being denied by all sides, which indicates that some unidentified group is trying to create the basis for a civil war and further destablize the country. So far, it hasn't worked, it has only hardened their resolve to oust the occupiers.

But the ol' idiot-n-thief is determined to send other people's children to die because he speaks to GOD and GOD .::speaks back::. That alcholic cokehead is hallucinating!

Here in the Sunshine State we have a way to deal with people who are mentally unstable and pose a threat to others, it's called the .::Baker Act::. The man needs to be immediately Baker-acted and sent to an institution where he won't cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people with his megalomaniacal plans.

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