27 April 2004

Here we Go 'round-n-round Again

Bremer has made noises about restoring former Baathist leaders to power. It isn't that shocking, considering the charge that .::bribes were made::. to Iraqi tribal leaders in an attempt to buy their allegiance, yet the average Iraqi was subject to .::extortion::. at the hands of Baathists after the invasion.

Karzai the Feckless, our pick to head Afghanistan, long ago expressed his .::receptiveness::. to allowing Taliban members back into the government. Things have not been going well in Afghanistan for .::quite some time::. , much to the chagrin of white-hooded neos (liberal & conservative) who manage to sneak a peek out of those eyeholes every now and again.

It isn't as though a single man actually ruled those countries! Without the participation of those others we are bribing into compliance with offers of restored power, there could not have been a dictatorial regime in Iraq, nor a fundamentalist theocracy in Afghanistan.

Baathists as authority figures in Iraq, and the Taliban welcomed into the government of Afghanistan. What was the sense of going to war when we only put members of the ruling group back into positions of authority — members of the same group that benefited from the oppression and exploitation of the rest of their people?!!

We should have left well enough alone, militarily that is. We could have done so much more with diplomacy and international cooperation and planning.

But, then again, we're talking about Gee Duhhhhh-bya, he can barely put two coherent sentences together.

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