27 April 2004

Sometimes You Have to Stand Up for What's Right

There are very few politicos on the right who will say enough is enough on some issues. .::John McCain::. is one of them —
McCain recalled that he had worked with .::Kerry::. on "POW/MIA issues and the normalization of relations with Vietnam" and wanted to stand up for his war comrade because "you have to do what's right." Speaking of Kerry, McCain said: "He's my friend. He'll continue to be my friend. I know his service was honorable. If that hurts me politically or with my party, that's a very small price to pay."

The GOP is shameless and its blind followers deserve every dispicable ill they have ever wished upon other people. This is the THIRD war veteran they've targeted for denigration during a campaign for public office. Nonetheless, you will continue to hear (or read) mealy-mouthed sychophants within the GOP claim to hold the military and its veterans in high esteem. They LIE!!

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