10 June 2004

They're not going to stop until it gets ugly!

I wish they'd hurry up and bury that man. I don't have to say who, everyone knows who. At first it was sad, for the family, but now it is sad for everybody else who knows that fool was a disaster for the country.

That blithering idiot backed .::Somoza's army::. ... a dictator's army that engaged in terrorism! His meddling resulted in horrific abuses against the people of Honduras, thanks to one of his minions, .::John Negroponte::. (now a Chimpy minion ready to unleash his idiocy on Iraq). He is the motherfucker who armed Saddam —ask Rumsfeld, at Ronnie's behest he went to .::meet::. the man, and liked him! He's the one who sold arms to Iran (think Iran-Contra, arms for hostages). We had astronomical deficits under this B-movie actor, who like the rest of the moronic right wing claims that Democrats can't balance the budget despite the fact that it is rethuglicans who run up the bills (.::deficit::.) and let other people worry about paying them. Government also has the odd habit of .::growing::. when they are in office. Yes, GROWING under the small government advocates.

I am sick of hearing about him. Bury him already!!

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