06 June 2004

Once again for all the dumbasses in the back of the room:
No stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction will be found in Iraq ....

Kay [former chief U.S. weapons inspector] criticized the reluctance of coalition leaders to admit that their assessment of Saddam's weapons arsenal was, as he believes, incorrect.

"The problem is the unwillingness to take the responsibility of saying a few simple words — we were wrong," he said.

"We simply got it wrong. There were actually no weapons of mass destruction. Iraq was a dangerous country, Saddam was an evil man and we are better off without him and all of that. ... But we were wrong in our estimation."

.::The AP report on Yahoo::.

Did you get that? Stop reading newsmax and believing its lies. There were no and are no WMD in Iraq, which means that the doctrine of pre-emption perpetuated by the hawks is really just a cover for domination.

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