07 June 2004

Don't Mess with Other White Folks

It's one thing for holy george and his minions to meddle in the affairs of countries populated by people who aren't white; that rarely meets disapproval from the masses. It's an entirely different thing to try to manipulate the government of a country like Australia. The self-annointed one is getting a bit beside himself.
The United States has on more than one occasion inappropriately intervened in Australian politics. President George Bush's verbal attack late last week on the Australian Opposition Leader should not have taken place.

It is quite wrong for the US President to take sides in that dispute and seek to assist one party.

We all know the President's views and will presumably take them into account. But Australian politics must be left for Australians to determine, not by intervention by either President Bush or his ambassador in Australia. ...

.::Read about the abuse of power::.

Should this become one of the stories corporate-owned media decides to dessiminate this week, expect to hear the brown-shirted, jack-booted members of the GOP talk mucho shit about how awful a country Australia is, and always has been.

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