11 June 2004

Who will pay for this death holiday?

You and I will, that's who! Somebody should have asked me first. I would have thrown a party before I chose to give employees the day off because a shitty leader from our recent past died.

Closing government offices because Reagan is dead means paying for city and county employees to stay home. For the employees who have to work, they get holiday pay.

In states across the nation, whose budgets are already stretched as thin as the elastic waistband on Oxycontin-Rush's boxers, they are paying for services not performed.

In Washington, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management estimates the tab to run over $60 million. California will pay almost the same amount for its government workers.

They're willing to pay because they prefer style over substance. They're paying because a 93 year old man died. He died, not unexpectedly, but finally.

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