11 June 2004

Quick Fact Check

The .::National Bureau of Economic Research::. reports the longest economic expansions in U.S. history are:
  1. Mar. 1991 — Mar. 2001: 120 mo.s
  2. Feb. 1961 — Dec. 1969: 106 mo.s
  3. Nov. 1982 — Jul. 1990: 92 mo.s

.::Documents::. filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), show that NewsMax, one of the loony right wing media outlets which includes a website, magazine, and publishing house, is funded by none other than conservative financier Richard Mellon Scaife and its co-founder, Christopher Ruddy.

Scaife is one of the players in that .::VRC::. —vast right wing conspiracy— whose name keeps popping up over and over again.

Credit to .::Media Matters::. for the Research

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