08 June 2004

They Want to Rewrite History

But there are too many people who will not allow it.

Reagan was a horrible president. He is not responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall, nor did he single-handedly end the cold war. The awe-struck fools who run around repeating these lies should be smacked! Maybe that will help them to remember .::perestroika::., .::glasnost::. and that Russian guy, uhhh .::Gorbachev::. who introduced both of those things that led to, in large part, the Soviet Union's demise. Did Reagan's refusal, at the October 1986 summit in Reykjavik, Iceland, to give up on .::SDI::. speed up the process? Maybe, but the process was in place already.

Under I-can't-remember-Ronnie Reagan's watch we had: massive deficits, .::high unemployment::.; downsizing became a common occurrence; industry deregulation that led to the .::Savings & Loans::. failures and bailouts; the .::Iran-Contra::. fiasco; the .::CIA allowed::. drugs into the country, elimination of the .::Fairness Doctrine::.; the racist imagery of the mythical .::welfare queen::. was invented (by ol' RR); homelessness of whole families was epidemic; etc., etc., etc.

He was a liar, a marginal actor, a divorced man, he was a .::confused zealot::. who named names at the McCarthy trials, he was a father and a son. He was obviously loved by his family, friends and admirers.

He was not a saint, he is not a GOD, he was not good leader, he was not a good president.

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