05 June 2004

It's a Numbers Game

In .::Georgia::. the not-so-public subsidies for Wal-Mart were found in a state survey. Out of the 166,000 participants in the PeachCare program (health care coverage for children from low-income uninsured families) 10,261 of them were children of Wal-Mart employees— more than 10 times the number for any other employer.

.::$150,000,000::. That's the back pay Wal-Mart is estimated to owe employees in Texas for having compelled them to work through their 15-minute breaks over a four-year period.

.::40 hours, 36 seconds::. The amount of time worked in one week by Wal-Mart employee Georgie Hartwig of Washington State, for which she was upbraided by her manager for clocking more than 40 hours, which costs the store in overtime wages.

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