16 January 2004

There's another phenomenal article on .:blackcommentator:. this week. The author concisely describes Martin Luther King's legacy, and the current lethargy & ignorance among too many high-profile African Americans. I think the ear-to-ear grinning buckdancers of the conservative movement a/k/a cheap labor conservatives, are perfectly described in these quotes:
  • "Erroneously assuming that personal wealth equals group leadership, too many beneficiaries of the great leap out of Jim Crow use their influence to lull the rest of the Race to sleep."

  • "On King’s birthday, they celebrate themselves, oblivious to the blasphemy they are committing. These “distracting classes” —in that they purposely present distracting stories of anomalous Black successes to counter the facts of massive social disintegration..."

  • "...it is largely the distracters who will be on ostentatious display during MLK week. Totally lacking in leadership qualities, they refuse even to bear witness to the realities of African American life..."
  • Recently I was entertained by the blog of a female in the conservative movement I hadn't seen before (she's just a Black version of Michelle Malkin). The misguided sister had the temerity to equate her past promiscuity and alcohol abuse with her alleged past liberalism. Sadly, no one has educated Ms. Reformed that she was not a liberal, she was just a drunken whore who wasn't sober enough to know what the different political factions stood for, and she demonstrates an absolute misunderstanding of what they stand for now.

    White people love stories like hers. It's affirmation of their belief that, generally-speaking, Blacks in America are over-sexed substance abusers. I love stories like hers because they're so easy to deconstruct.

    Ms. Reformed smugly writes about her belief in GOD, and she also lauds a male counterpart in the movement, whose only claim to fame is an annual tradition of maliciously demeaning another Black male of reknown in this country. The contradiction is obvious to the unaffected. It isn't so obvious to a reformed alcoholic whore, who is now on the payroll of conservative print publications. Like others of her small group, she displays a pathological need to feel above others of our ethnicity. And, like the others, she blindly follows as she is led down the garden path.

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