16 January 2004

Seen on the reality television show Airline:

An older caucasian male is attempting to check his disassembled rifle onto the plane. The people behind the desk are wary and want to unwrap the weapon so they can look at it. The weapon owner says, "...do I look Arab to you."

Wow. Or maybe not, depending on who is watching the scenario unfold. The problem is that though he is definitely not Arab, he does fit the profile of the untold .:white terrorists:. who currently reside in this country. He could be Tim McVeigh's father for all they know. He could be related to .:William Krar:. for all anyone knows, or a member of the same white supremacist, anti-government groups.

But, to the rifle carrier, who just couldn't leave home without it, we only have to be on the lookout for Arabs. Typical.

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