13 January 2004

The closer it gets to election day, the more frequently some of us are subjected to the BLACK 'window dressing' of the GOP, trotted out to make obligatory appearances on television, or quoted in print publications. It's not easy watching them debase themselves when you also share their ethnicity.

For all of their blather about being "independent" thinkers, they show no ability to think at all. They don't recognize their role as tokens.

You don't hear Armstrong Williams weighing in on the deficit, or issues like the recent Mars exploration & its impact on the nation, because no one calls him for those types of things, nor will they. It's a rarity to see a person of color represent the party for anything other than issues affecting other people of color. Talk about being relegated to the back of the bus . . . . Not a one of the alleged Black conservatives (small "c" intended) has any function other than to be at the beck & call of the party for appearances.

But they do it well! They smile big, and secretly pat themselves on the back for being smart enough so the white folks will really, really like them. Nevermind that they don't like themselves, as long as white folks like 'em, and give them their scooby snack, that's all that matters.

I've never seen two Black conservatives who are friends. Ken Hamblin isn't buddies with Armstrong. Larry Elder and Juan Williams don't hang out, get together for coffee, or golf, or whatever it is two self-hating assholes would do together. All of Clarence Thomas' old friends (who are Black) say they don't talk to him anymore, and no one ever sees him with other Black people, so you know he doesn't have any friends who look like him.

It would be a hoot to see two Black conservatives who actually liked and respected each other enough to be friends. But, I doubt it will happen. They want to stand as far away from those who look like them as they possibly can. That's why they pledge allegiance to the GOP, to get away from other Black people.

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