14 January 2004

I can't wait to see the winning .:MoveOn:. ad air on television. It wasn't the one I voted for, but it is impressive in its simplicity and profundity.

My only disappointment with the entire contest is the supplicating response to the RNC's smegma slinging about ads submitted for consideration that compared Dubya to Hitler. Oh' boo hoo! Those assholes need a biggie-sized cup of shut the fuck up!! The ads weren't endorsed or commissioned by MoveOn.

.:Ralph Peters:. referred to presidential candidate Howard Dean as "Herr Howard", and the hypersensitive GOP-ites didn't have any objections. War veteran (a triple amputee) .:Max Cleland's image:. was juxtaposed with Osama bin laden's in commercials run during the mid-term elections of 2000. It was a loathsome attempt to associate the veteran with terrorism. As expected, the RNC's cakehole was shut tight then, too.

If raising the level of political discourse were honestly their goal, they should have been outraged by those instances of GOPers wallowing in the gutter. But it isn't, so they weren't.

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