13 January 2004

I'm tired, just plain ol' drained. How many times will I come across the hypocritical complaints of "anti-bush vitriol" from the rabid right wingers ?!!

It's shocking that they think everyone has forgotten about the non-stop personal attacks on Clinton during his two terms in office. Accusations of rape and murder against him still emanate from the gaping maws of many a wing nut in cyberspace and the real world. Why the hell are they indignant about warranted criticism of the thief now occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? More accurately, how dare they feign indignation over anti-bush sentiment!!

It makes you want to line them all up against a wall, give them your best 3 Stooges slap, and a la' Cher in Moonstruck, yell at them to "snap out of it!"

Criticizing his misnamed policies, like the .:Clean Air Act:. that allows increased emissions from corporate polluters, his wholesale ignorance (asking .:President Cardosa of Brazil:. if they "have Blacks, too") or equating his over-staged appearances, .:set up by Bob DeServi:. (a former NBC cameraman who is now on his staff), to the highly staged political events in Nazi Germany are valid. It is the opposite of the indiscriminate invective hurled at the last legal occupant of the White House.

Either right wing hypocrisy is boundless, or willful ignorance is a requisite to labeling oneself a conservative (heavy on the CON)!!

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