12 January 2004

Former Treasury Secretary .:Paul O'Neill:. spills the beans... a little. He says the Dubya regime was planning for the invasion of Iraq from the moment they stole the office of the Presidency. That's interesting. It confirms the theory that this misadministration, filled with imperialistic .:PNAC:. members like .:Paul Wolfowitz:. and .:Richard Perle:., used 9/11/01 as an excuse to further their agenda.

Are the well-paid talking heads of the rabid right paying attention? That's not a serious question. I know they pay close attention to everything, and they also lie their ass off on camera.

The brilliant news readers have characterized O'Neill's statements as hype for "his" book, when actually, it's not his book. O'Neill is neither the book's main subject, nor the author. .:Ron Suskind:., is the author. That would make it, uhhh, his book.

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