20 April 2004

What is Everyone Talking About?

Rarely do people intellectually process what the talkingheads on television are saying. As a result, it is easier for those with ulterior motives to introduce language into the mainstream that validates their actions and beliefs. Without critical thought, they are able to "frame the debate" on any issue.

A prime example is the "insurgency" in Iraq, comprised of the Sunnis, Shias, et al. There is no "insurgency" in Iraq. There is a war, however distasteful their methods of causing death and destruction may be to us, we also cause death and destruction while participating in war.

in·sur·gent ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n-s├╗rjnt)adj.
Rising in revolt against established authority, especially a government.
Rebelling against the leadership of a political party.
The U.S. is not an authority, nor is it established in Iraq. Those who are fighting against them are resisting an occupying foreign army. That would make them resistance fighters. By mislabeling them, it adds credence to Smirky's belief that it is natural for the white man with the biggest army to be in charge of other people, no matter how illegal the military's presence in their country may be.

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