20 April 2004

.::List of the Ten Most Wanted Documents for 2004::.
  1. The 28 Pages: Secret Pages of the Congressional Joint Inquiry into 9/11 Intelligence Failures
  2. Type of crime investigated each time a Patriot Act power was invoked
  3. A list of the contaminants found in the sources of our drinking water
  4. A number of court cases partially or totally closed to the public and an explanation why for each
  5. Industry-written reports on chemical plants' risks to communities
  6. Identities of those detained after 9/11 on immigration charges or as material witnesses
  7. Gifts from lobbyists to Senators and their staff
  8. Federal contracts, grants and other agreements, their total value (in dollars), records documenting violations, and fines and other federal enforcement actions
  9. All changes made to publicly available versions of congressional legislation before a committee vote
  10. Congressional Research Service Reports

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