20 April 2004

Tha' Skeeza's in Love with her Monkey-faced Boss!

.::Political Conversation: Condi’s Slip::.
A pressing issue of dinner-party etiquette is vexing Washington, according to a story now making the D.C. rounds: How should you react when your guest, in this case national-security adviser Condoleezza Rice, makes a poignant faux pas? At a recent dinner party hosted by New York Times D.C. bureau chief Philip Taubman and his wife, Times reporter Felicity Barringer, and attended by Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Maureen Dowd, Steven Weisman, and Elisabeth Bumiller, Rice was reportedly overheard saying, “As I was telling my husb—” and then stopping herself abruptly, before saying, “As I was telling President Bush.” Jaws dropped, but a guest says the slip by the unmarried politician, who spends weekends with the president and his wife, seemed more psychologically telling than incriminating. Nobody thinks Bush and Rice are actually an item. A National Security Council spokesman laughed and said, “No comment.”
I guess it should have been obvious that only a confused Black woman in love would shill as hard for this administration as Condi has. Ewww!! I wonder if she has daydreams about being in empty-eyed Laura Bush's place. Tha' Skeeza and Chimpy holding hands as they stand before a shocked press corp(se) and announce how wonderful interracial love is. *gaaaaackkkk!*

That sad woman! Doesn't she know that men like him wouldn't touch her with a ten-foot pole? Ol' Dubya is a white woman's man all the way!! Other white men would go for what they know in private, but never publicly. I would hope that she's been around white folks long enough to at least know that she should never even entertain the thought of some "crushes."

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