19 April 2004

Must Read Articles:

Chas Freeman—
"Wars end only when the defeated accept defeat, not when the victor declares victory. ... Arrogant daydreams that inspire military actions can become humiliating nightmares that produce political debacles."

.::The Cost of 'Arrogant Daydreams'::.

David Podvin—
Conservatives explode in rage when the current disaster is compared with Vietnam - there is nary a rice paddy in view! But the parallel is unmistakable: America has again put its soldiers in a chaotic killing field where they are unable to distinguish friend from foe. In seeking to justify this endeavor that they insist in no way resembles the Vietnam War, Republicans have dusted off all their arguments from the Vietnam War: if we fail to subdue these ideologues, it will have a domino effect…we better fight the enemy over aid and comfort there or we will have to fight them over here…it may have been a mistake to get in, but it would be a bigger mistake to get out…to disagree with the war is to give to the enemy…

.::Greed and Hubris::.

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