08 February 2004

Where's the Beef?

Both Salon.com and The Village Voice have done extensive articles on the Roger Stone/Al Sharpton connection (Stone is a former GOP consultant). Curiously, after paragraph upon paragraph of innuendo about campaign donations from Stone, and Al's campaign finances being commingled with his National Action Network (NAN) funds, neither article pinpoints how his platform has become more GOP-like.

Reiterating his liberal, forward-thinking message to an audience in .:Aiken, SC:. on Superbowl Sunday, he showed the allegations that his campaign has been taken over for the specious smears they are. He presented nothing remotely resembling anti-Democrat rhetoric. To the contrary, he encouraged increased and informed participation in party politics.

Knowledgeable readers of the Salon and Village Voice articles are left wondering what Stone could possibly be getting from Sharpton in exchange for the money. The critical eye sees a distinct possiblity— Al is playing the "game" far better than his over-eager detractors realize. It could quite conceivably be a matter of Al taking Roger and his cronies for a ride.

Whatever the case may be, his message remains strongly pro-Democrat, and the regulating authorities have not charged him with a crime or launched an investigation. I'll maintain my healthy skepticism until some proof of wrongdoing is found in the proverbial pudding.

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