14 February 2004

Star Trek & Outsourcing

Whenever I hear talk of the glories of .:outsourcing:., I'm reminded of an original .:Star Trek:. series episode. It was in a Romanesque setting featuring a species of humans who had evolved to the point where they were telepathic. They had the ability to move things and control people with the power of their minds! *oooh* Because of that, they used (enslaved would be a better word) lesser evolved beings to do their bidding. They believed themselves to be too good to do any manual labor.

As with all Star Trek episodes, there was a moral to the story. The moral was that instead of actually being superior beings, the telepathics were actually inferior because they couldn't do anything for themselves. When the lesser beings were able to use their own minds to fight off the telepathics, they were thoroughly screwed as a species.

Which brings me right back to .:outsourcing:.. Proponents of it talk excitedly about the cost benefits to corporations (government, too), and the morality of free trade. What they don't talk about is the utterly dependent society it is creating in these united states.

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