14 February 2004


Why is it that so many callers to CSPAN are slow talking and slow thinking? Why can't I ever get through to that muhfucker?!

This morning the host posed the question: Should we "give up" the memory of Vietnam? I won't comment on the complete absurdity of that, it's just too, well, absurd. But I have to answer his follow up question of what we can learn from Vietnam.

None of the callers so far (it's still on) mentioned that both Vietnam and the invasion of Iraq were based on a big fat ass LIE!! The Gulf of Tonkin lie (promoted by LBJ) prompted the Vietnam war; the WMD lie prompted the illegal invasion of Iraq. Like General Butler said, war is a racket. When we learn that lesson, we'll no longer need to go over and over the strategies, tactics and blunders of Vietnam.

Damn those slow-witted, tongue-tied people who manage to get through on the phone lines when I can't!! Damn them!

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