08 February 2004

An Open Letter to Shasta MacNasty:

Awww, gal . . . you are salty for someone who puts herself out there the way you do. I can't honestly say I'm sorry you took offense to my feedback. Instead of being offended by it, it should have caused you to engage in some introspection. I approached you as a wise woman would a foolish girl. But true to type, you pulled out the blacker than thou accusation. *tsk tsk*

Unprocessed, my dear girl, refers to your thought processes. Specifically, it's a way of saying that you do not think.

You are offended because you're on a man's "b" list, but you're not offended because the white man asked you to a sex party.

You are offended because a group of Black professional men are willing to buy membership into a singles club that restricts its female membership to those with a certain look and background. However, you glibly mention your potential willingness to participate in group sex and your burgeoning reputation as the "fat fun girl" at work. Do you see the pattern here?

For some strange reason you then dredge up the story of a Black man who pursued you, though he was already involved in a relationship. That bit of information has no bearing on your belief that the invitation to a sex party was acceptable, except for the fact that you were on the inviter's "b" list.

You want to know why white men are generally disinclined to choose Black women as partners. Why? Do you want to change their minds so they'll be willing to get witcha'? You have one, who wants you to join him in group sex, don't worry about those who have no interest in Black women.

You describe their lack of interest as a trend. Either you are living in an alternate reality, or you're suffering from a lack of exposure to American culture. White men have always been interested in Black women, but it is usually (though not always) a lust kept secret. At first that lust resulted in rapes carried out in slave quarters, later it was during "knight" rides through Black neighborhoods, and later still through coercion of Black female employees (read up on Strom Thurmond's dastardly deeds for an example) or forays into Black neighborhoods by older white men wanting to teach younger white men what sex was all about.

You don't need me to go with you to the pride store, just schlep on down the road and stop by the clue farm your dammy. Make sure you get a big basket for those clues, you need more than your two arms can carry!

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