17 February 2004

What Was She Thinking?

I caught a little bit of Donald Trump's reality show, .:The Apprentice:. I usually try to see the whole thing, but some days I just don't have time. I was unlucky enough to catch even that little bit today ...the sister on the show, Omarosa, embarassed herself. Somehow, I know she doesn't even realize it.

One of Donald's lackeys described her as having a sharp edge, and he couldn't have been more kind in his description. She gives these backhanded compliments, and then tries to justify it by saying she and the recipient of the compliment have always been frank with each other. *uhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnn* Wrong answer! A real leader isn't demeaning to her underlings.

Tactlessness is just tactlessness, it is never the same as being frank. It is the same as mischaracterizing crass or obscene language as keeping it real. Come on Omarosa, get your head in the damn game, or should I say get some heavy duty sandpaper for those sharp edges of yours!

Sista' girl is going to get her ass fired if she doesn't figure it out soon.

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