18 February 2004

No, Thanks. I'll Have the Chicken!

Since Mad Cow disease has finally made its way to these shores, I'm thankful for having developed a preference for chicken (boneless & skinless only) and turkey years ago. Though many voracious beef-eaters think the scare is over, it certainly is not! Reuters reports that the House Government Reform Committee is .:urging:. The Agricultural Department to test all adult cattle.

Few people realize that Mad Cow is more of a man-made disease than anything else. It is spread because beef cattle are being fed .:ground up parts:. of other cattle! Cows are herbivores; it's only logical that being fed animal parts, especially that of their own species, would cause severe reactions and unimaginable consequences. But, because of the love of money commerical cattle farmers decided a little cannibalism wouldn't do any harm.

The practice has been banned in the U.S. since 1997, but a .:report from 2001:. found that nearly a quarter of 180 large companies were lackadasical in following the regulations put in place by the FDA. With a republican administration that abhors any interference with a company's profit margin, even when people's lives are at stake, the FDA doesn't have the necessary manpower to keep an eye on violators of the feed ban.

Enjoy your steak tartar . . . .

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