16 February 2004

I Got Mine, I'll be Damned if You Get Yours

Jason Mattera, a student at Roger Williams University, is a recipient of scholarship money for minorities. He is of Puerto Rican descent and also president of the College Republicans (otherwise known as Future Thugs of America) who have launched what they describe as a .:parody:. of minority scholarships. It's a $50 reward for whites who write the best essay describing their white pride.

Jason thinks financial need should be the only requirement for scholarships, but none of the articles reported that he was willing to return the monies he received. Last I checked, most 18 year olds aren't able to earn enough to money to pay for community college, forget about a 4-year university. That allows just about all recent high school graduates to apply for financial aid, even if they qualify for some kind of scholarship.

Applications for financial aid from self-supporting students are evaluated based on how much they earn. A student living at home is not self-supporting, and what their parents make is taken into consideration.

So what's his gripe? Does he feel marginalized because he accepted a scholarship based on his bloodline ...and kept it? Why would a budding thug, errr, rethuglican want to inject government regulations into the process of scholarship selection, many of which are offered by private organizations? Aren't those people supposed to be for less government, not more?

Way to go Jason, your Puerto Rican ancestors would be proud of you taking such a cowardly stand without thinking it through! Tu sabe?!

There is a .:Gloria and Joseph Mattera:. National Scholarship Fund for Migrant Children. Surely this young rethuglican is no relation to these fine people.

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