20 February 2004

Overheard On the Web ...

My two favorite candidates (both of them longshots at this point) received rave reviews from a woman on .:Salon:.
I love Kucinich's courage -- his willingness to, passionately, say the unpopular truth, to take the boldest, most morally uncompromising stand, to remind the party, and the community at large, of its, and their, deepest values and comittments. And, most important, his willingness, ...in his long ago fight as Mayor, that saved his city's public utility, to bear the sometimes terrible personal consequences of standing in the right, and winning, against a wrong but powerful, tide.

I love Sharpton's wit and puncture-any-foolishness-gladly intelligence. His long career of advocacy for the outsider, the unpopular, the "uncool." His insistence and persistence in putting himself forward, in making himself -- and the dispossessed he represents -- heard in the public arena. His stubborn refusal to be dissuaded by ridicule, or silenced by derision.
If only she and I ruled the world!

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