28 February 2004

The Opposition in Haiti —What You Should Know
Part II

Individual Players: Otto Reich, Roger Norriega, Andre Apaid
Otto Reich — Part of the incompetent team .:running:. U.S. Policy in Latin America.

Beginning in the 80's, under Ronald Reagan, he was chief of the Office of Public Diplomacy. Its purpose was to .:spread disinformation:. to the American public about Central America and smear the reputations of reporters the administration didn't like. With Reich at the helm, the Office of Public Diplomacy lied to "journalists, Congressional committees, and the U.S. people." Congress discovered the illegal operations and closed it down. ...never forget the Iran/Contra hearings.

After the Contra war Otto was .:appointed:. Ambassador to Venezuela. He secured the release of the Cuban exile terrorist, Orlando Bosch— jailed for the 1976 bombing of a Cuban plane, which killed all on board. "The U.S. Justice Department had evidence of Bosch's involvement in more than 30 other terrorist acts, ...including a rocket attack on a Polish ship in Miami." Jeb Bush the assisted Otto with getting Bosch .:pardoned:. by George Bush I in '92.

Reich .:became part:. of the current administration in 2001. Courtesy of a "special loophole" that enabled Bush to temporarily (1 year) appoint him, sans any approval from the Senate. After that year passed, he was again appointed to a post that didn't require approval; he was made a "special Latin American envoy to the National Security Agency." Noriega led many of the efforts to disrupt the government of Venezuela. Venezuela is the biggest American oil producer, and since President Hugo Chavez is a democratically-elected leader who nationalized the country's oil revenues he is a target of this administration. Otto .:met with:. Chavez "upper-class opponents" in Washington to plot his overthrow. His preferred method of sowing dissent in the country is to use Venezuela's media, which is owned by the upper-class opponents. The fight to topple democracy in Venezuela is ongoing.

Roger Noriega —Heads up negotiations of international efforts in Haiti. He's a former .:chief of staff:. to the rabidly racist Jesse Helms. Noriega has a "long history" of siding with the elite, anti-Aristide business owners in Haiti.

He also .:openly met:. with Venezuelans to plot the first failed coup against Chavez.

Andre Apaid — This is an American-born .:sweatshop owner:. who has aligned himself with former members of the Haitian military. As an American citizen, he has no right to hold office in Haiti. Apaid was a .:Duvalier-supporter:. and often acts as the .:spokesman:. for Group of 184 (European-funded businesses).

Protest America's Hypocrisy
Tell your elected representative to support Congresswoman Maxine Waters' Resolution to .:Prevent a Bloodbath in Haiti:..

Write your .:Representative:. or .:Senator:..

Find and contact your .:MP:. to demand that Canada stop supporting the US in its quest to undermine Haiti's democractic process.

Contact .:Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham:. to demand he cease support of US attempts to corrupt democracy in Haiti.

Contact the .:NDP:. to demand they stand against the Liberals' complicity in the imminent disaster in Haiti.
Donate to Humanitarian Relief

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