28 February 2004

The Opposition in Haiti —What You Should Know
Part I

US Government and NGO's Financially Back the Haitian Opposition:
Approximately $70 million has been given to organize an opposition to President Aristide between 1994 and 2002. There are numerous opposition groups that make up the .:Democratic Platform:.

Two of those sub-groups are the .:Democratic Convergence:. and the .:Group of 184:. (Haitian business owners and the professional elite). Though often referred to by the media, there is no mention of their affiliation with the US government and the Brookings Institution (right wing think tank), USAID, and the International Republican Institute, whose .:board of directors:. includes elected Republican officials.

The US may also have funneled arms to .:paramilitary groups:. operating in Haiti. The coincidence of the simultaneous acquisition of new M-16s by Haitian paramilitaries and a military aid shipment of US-made M-16s to the Dominican Republic is extraordinary. Even more extraordinary is that the coincidence is of no interest to mainstream media.

In recent days, American officials have made statements indicating that Aristide should step down. They have no compunction in supporting a coup against a democratically-elected leader in Haiti, while telling the American people that our country will support democracies around the globe.

Protest America's Hypocrisy
Tell your elected representative to support Congresswoman Maxine Waters' Resolution to .:Prevent a Bloodbath in Haiti:..

Write your .:Representative:. or .:Senator:..

Find and contact your .:MP:. to demand that Canada stop supporting the US in its quest to undermine Haiti's democractic process.

Contact .:Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham:. to demand he cease support of US attempts to corrupt democracy in Haiti.

Contact the .:NDP:. to demand they stand against the Liberals' complicity in the imminent disaster in Haiti.
Donate to Humanitarian Relief

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