24 February 2004

A Part of Ourstory from February 10, 2003

Marcus Dixon, an 18 year old former National Honors Society member and athlete, who earned a 3.96 GPA and 1200 on his SATs, was charged and convicted of raping a 15 year old girl.
A jury of nine whites and three blacks found Dixon innocent of all charges after deliberating for 20 minutes, finding little to no merit in the girl's testimony.

However, the jury was forced to find Marcus guilty of aggravated child molestation and statutory rape since the girl was three months shy of her 16th birthday and that during the intercourse she was "injured" because she was a virgin.

Under Georgia's seven deadly sins laws, the crimes he committed carried a 10-year minimum sentence.
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Warning to Black parents of young men: keep them away from little white girls unless you know that Becky or SuzyQ won't consent to sex and then cry rape when daddy finds out her sexual partner is b-l-a-c-k!!

At this point in ourstory, your junior is less likely to become a piece of strange fruit, but more likely to be subject to biased prosecution and unknowing jurors, who are oh' so sad because they thought your boy could be convicted, but go straight home and into your loving arms.

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