29 February 2004

The Opposition in Haiti —What You Should Know
Part III
"If we just had an international presence saying drop your guns, then the Aristide supporters would drop their machetes and we would not have the bloodshed. Then we'll have a little longer to determine whether or not Aristide should accommodate the accords and integrate the opposition until his government." -- .:Rep. Charles Rangel:.
Aristide has left the country. Those who oppose him were determined to sieze power, by hook or by crook, and they've succeeded, so far. It's more important than ever to know exactly who these people are.

The Group Players: FRAPH, Tonton Macoutes
FRAPH — The full name is: Front for Haitian Advancement and Progress. The group was responsible for at least 5,000 murders and untold numbers of bloody assaults in the 1990's. Its members are free and have been deeply involved in the current destabilization of the country.
According to a 1996 .:UN Human Rights Commission:., FRAPH also had close ties to the CIA, which paid the salary of at least one leader - Emmanuel "Toto" Constant - and also allegedly supplied the thugs with weapons.
The CIA has denied the charges, but curiously our government has refused to return all the documents stolen from Haiti in 1994. The documents that have been returned were heavily redacted.

Jodel Chamblain and Emmanuel Constant are two former (current?) members of FRAPH, and by all accounts two of its deadliest. Jodel .:resurfaced:. in Haiti, despite charges against him, and the U.S. refused to detain Emmanuel, who now lives in Queens, NY.

Tonton Macoutes — an .:armed militia:. responsible for intimidation murders during both Duvalier regimes (Papa Doc & Baby Doc). Its members are also free and undoubtedly involved in the opposition's bloody activities.

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