03 March 2004

Urgent Alert: U.S. Led Coup in Haiti

2004-03-03 | Ira Kurzban, the lawyer who represents President Jean Bertrand Aristide, announced that the Central African Republic (CAR) has shut off President Aristide's phone service. He said that armed members of the French and CAR military are guarding President Aristide and he is not free to leave.

While there are many conflicting reports coming out of Haiti and Central Africa, the only way we will be able to determine the truth is open communications and immediate investigations.

In the United States, send an Email to your congressperson calling for the following:

· President Aristide Should be given full access to the media and telephone communications restored.

· President Aristide should be free to go where he chooses, otherwise it is clear that this was a coup orchestrated by the United States and France.

· An immediate Congressional investigation should commence to determine the role that the U.S. played, directly and/or indirectly in Aristides removal from power, and in supporting the civilian and military opposition movement.

· A multilateral force, not controlled by the U.S., should be deployed to stabilize the situation and immediately disarm the military opposition.

· The Bush administration should commit to an emergency economic development package to rebuild the Haitian infrastructure.

· Free and fair democratic elections should be permitted without the interference of the U.S. or its allies.

· One standard of treatment for all refugees should be in place. Haitian refugees should receive admission to the U.S. and be supported during this period of crisis.

· Rescind President Bush's unprecedented directive to the U.S. Marines to thwart all efforts of Haitian asylum seekers to reach our shores.

Email U.S. Senators and Congressional Reps with .:one click:.

.:Forward:. this as widely as possible.

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