31 January 2004


Joe Lieberman will drop out of the presidential primaries on the 3rd of February. Coincidentally, this is the same day matching federal funds will be disbursed, enabling him to pay off his campaign debts.

.:Dennis Kucinich's:. new Press Secretary, .:William Rivers Pitt:. of truthout.org fame, has signed on solely to pad his resume. One can but hope that he actually believes in Dennis' message, even if he doesn't believe in the man as a candidate.

The current defense budget doesn't include approximately $40 billion in spending for military operations in Iraq. What kind of nincompoops don't include expenditures for an ongoing war?

The U.S. expects to capture Osama bin Laden soon. .:buzzflash:. predicted the capture would be timed to boost Dubya's election bid. (Note the use of election, he can't be re-elected because he was merely selected the first time.)

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