28 January 2004

It's Never About Race

The Miami Herald did a .:computer analysis:. of approximately 800,000 felony criminal cases (1993 - 2002) and concluded the judicial system is "more likely to punish blacks than whites" who are charged with the same crimes and have the same criminal history. Even when defendants had the same quality of legal representation, Black defendants were given harsher penalties 44% more often.
In 1999, in separate incidents just three months apart, Fort Lauderdale police stopped Tim Carter and Richard Thomas as they walked along the Florida East Coast railroad tracks. Police found a cocaine rock on Carter, who is white. Police found a crack pipe with cocaine residue on Thomas, who is black. Both men blamed drug addictions.

Carter said he went to court expecting to get five years in prison, but the judge took into account that his wife was about to deliver a baby and the family needed his income. He got a withhold, and the judge sent him to drug rehabilitation.

Thomas got convicted and sent to prison.
As usual, they insist it isn't because of race or racismm and cite a host of irrelevant factors, that entitle white defendants to have adjudication withheld, that aren't present in the cases of Black defendants. They're right; it isn't racism that motivates them, it's deeply ingrained white supremacy. Of course a white defendant will straighten up and fly right, they're white, but a Black defendant is a born criminal who needs jailtime.

The see white defendants and automatically think of their friends, their relatives, or their children. They see Black defendants and think of lifelong criminals.

When protesting the accusations of judicial bias, they never stop to ask themselves why they see one picture with white defendants, but a different picture with Black ones. Hmmm, let's see . . .could it be because they're BLACK?! If race played no role in the disparate treatment, all 15 y/o defendants, charged with the same crime and with the same criminal history, would remind them of their friends, relatives or children.

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