28 January 2004

Iraq WMD Hearing on CSPAN

David Kay, the man Team Dubya was counting on the find those weapons of mass destruction, was the man of the moment this afternoon on CSPAN. True to his reputation, he used every contortion of logic possible to downplay the significance of the Iraq Survey Group's failure to find anything at all. Though I can't quote him verbatim, he made a wild statement that went something like this:
I wouldn't be surprised that we find he was a bigger threat to world peace because of the complete corruption of his regime. It was only a matter of time before there was a connection between someone in his regime and those terrorists who were seeking WMD.
Fortunately, for those being thoroughly entertained by the spectacle, Jeff Sessions of Alabama later said he and other members of Congress were convinced that Saddam must have WMD, because this whole "thing" could have been avoided if he had only allowed the Weapons' Inspectors to come in to the country. David Kay then agreed with him by way of saying that Saddam was in violation of U.N. Sanction 1441.

For anyone confused by any of that, shame on you! These are the lyingest bastards ever known to mankind. Nothing they say should confuse you. It should only make you more aware of their inability to tell the truth!

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