11 May 2004

Liberation, American Style
"... former CIA official who collected enemy ears, dropped decapitated human heads from the air on to communists and stuck heads on spikes. . . [Tony Poe ] twice won a CIA Star -- the Central Intelligence Agency's highest award —from directors Allen Dulles, in 1959, and William Colby, in 1975," the obituary reported.

'"I used to collect ears," a cheerful Poshepny was quoted as telling Roger Warner in his book, .::Shooting at the Moon::. ...'I had a big, green, reinforced cellophane bag as you walked up my steps. I'd tell my people to put them in, and then I'd staple them to this 5,000 kip [Lao currency] notice that this [ear] was paid for already, and put them in the bag and send them to [the Laos capital] Vientiane with the report."

"We were murdering these people, incinerating them. My efforts had resulted in the deaths of many people and I just – for me it was a period when guess I was – I considered myself nearly insane – I just couldn’t reconcile what I had been and what I was at the time becoming," McGeehee said.
See .::Agitprop::. for the rest of the story.

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