09 April 2004

More Troops, More Troops, Iraqi OIL for More Troops
...::word leaked out::. that US generals are "outraged" by their lack of soldiers.

America's generals consider current troop strengths of 130,000 in Iraq inadequate...

...His [General John Abizaid, commander of Central Command] words overrode months of public assurances from the defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, and other civilian chiefs that more troops are not necessary.

...US forces are so overstretched in Iraq and Afghanistan that "there are simply no large units available and suitable for assignment", Novak wrote in his column in The Washington Post.

...Many still in uniform bitterly recall the public dressing-down earned by the then army chief of staff, .::Gen Eric Shinseki::., when he told Congress a month before the invasion, in February 2003, that "several hundred thousand troops" might be needed to occupy Iraq.

That estimate was slapped down as "wildly off the mark" by the deputy defence secretary, Paul Wolfowitz. .::Thomas White::., the army secretary and a former general himself, publicly backed Gen Shinseki. Mr White was sacked shortly afterwards by Mr Rumsfeld. ...

The rabid right are experts at telling the lies to start a war, but they're lousy at knowing when one is .::over::. and how many soldiers are required to actually WIN it!

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