10 April 2004

If It's Not Wrong When the Government Does It ...

The television station A&E is airing an .::Investigative Report::. about the increasing number of women being sent to America's prisons. A sub-segment deals with battered women who killed or assaulted their abusive spouses.

My question is this:
If the U.S., as a nation, is supported by a number of its citizens in invading another country based on what they might do, why does our judicial system lock up women who kill their abusive spouses based on a pattern of inflicting great physical harm?
Our troops were deployed 8,000 miles to invade, occupy and control another country to "prevent" them from harming U.S. citizens. The women who killed their spouses were batttered and had their lives threatened in their own homes.

Pre-emptive violence is the same, whether employed by the state (our nation) or by an individual. If current mores in this country condone it, these women need to be immediately let out of prison.

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