18 January 2004

White Supremacy Masquerading as Nationalism:

Florida Congressman Tom Feeney said "I think America is the .:only country:. with the moral capability and authority to establish what I consider a Monroe Doctrine in space, guarantee all free nations can use space, but no hostile nation will use it to take us over."

Exactly what is "moral capability"?

Congressman Feeney is mistaken in proclaiming our "moral authority" for any effort with possible international consequences. Our reasons for war (WMD in Iraq) have been proven to be a lie, many times over, and the whole world is watching!!

He also makes U.S. citizens look like fools when he ignores the many instances of U.S. officials (Rumsfield, Cheney, et al) .:repudiating the U.N:. Their statements (and Feeney's) equate military might with a GOD-given authority to roam the world, interfering at will. Since the predictions of "quagmire" have come true, .:Powell:. was again sent to plead our case in front of the Security Council, and our warhawks (like Bremer) are involved in .:efforts:. to enlist the U.N.'s help in Iraq. . . . oh' the hypocrisy!

For dozens of examples of GOP Hypocrisy, go to:

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