20 January 2004

The Nomination Looms Ahead

As I see it, the dearth of Democrats supporting .:Kucinich:. is due to their susceptiblity to the vapid chatter of shallow-thinking people, otherwise known as the GOP leadership, and its members. Their infantile opinions pollute our media constantly and markedly lower the level of critical thought and debate. The concerns expressed about Kucinich run the puerile gamut . . . from his being a vegan to his height. Not eating meat, and short stature have never been relevant to one's intellectual or governing capabilities. Even modestly educated adults should know that.

The same vapid chatter is responsible for some of the supporters of General Wesley Clark. The GOP labels the Democrats as "soft" on national defense, with no credible evidence to substantiate it, and some in the party react by fawning over a johnny-come-lately Democrat, who just so happens to be a retired general. He has no governing record to examine. But he's a general, and many self-proclaimed grownups are actually desperate high schoolers in middle-aged bodies who want to fit in, so they push their conscience aside and root for one that meets the other team's criterion for acceptability.

Adults today still chastise kids for following the herd (if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you follow them), yet they have a mentality that values what is politic over personal principle.

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