23 April 2006

.::A Little Bit o'News::.

A white supremacist was convicted of ::conspiracy to acquire:: sarin nerve gas and other chemical weapons of mass destruction.

"Demetrius Van Crocker said that he dreamed of setting off a dirty bomb at the U.S. Capitol and that he wanted a helicopter license so he could bomb black neighborhoods or spray them with poison gas."

For some odd reason, the mainstream media hasn't publicized this important conviction of a US citizen with terroristic aspirations. In the meantime the majority of Americans continue to conjure the image of a brown, black or swarthy face when the subject of terrorism is at hand.

Apropos to that fallacious link of exclusivity of non-whites and terrorism, the NYPD has used federal funding, provided by Homeland Security for the war on terror, to pay for ::surveillance cameras:: overlooking Knickerbocker Street-- an overwhelmingly Brown and Black community in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn.

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